Finger Printing Project

Saturday 9th September – Outside PICK & PAY from 10 AM ……

A chance to to get your and your children to be taken and loaded into a database to be used for emergencies Operated by THE PINK LADIES- No cost to you.
Rather be safe than sorry.

A good chance to meet the LCW TEAM as well.
Please come visit us on the 9th Sept from 10am outside PnP Lakeside Centre.

Pink Ladies will also have a stand with us and you are welcome to come down to their stand and load yours and your children’s profile on their database, in case persons may go missing. This is really a good idea in case of emergency as Pink Ladies will already have all details to enable the Alert to go out much sooner. Remember when a person is missing time is precious!.

Come enjoy a Wors Roll (R25) with us, with the contributions of these going towards our Camera fund.
We hope to have some other surprise displays on the day, so children will really enjoy this!